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Where Science Meets Soul

 Skin Therapies, Eyebrows, Counselling, Massage & Healing

Where Science Meets Soul

 Skin Therapies, Eyebrows, Counselling, Massage & Healing

Facial & Back Treatments

Our 'science meets soul ' approach means our treatments offer far more than a typical facial. Combining technology with a hands-on holistic approach, treatments are customised  to meet your skin goals —because every skin is different!

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Brows & Lashes

A full customised brow and lash experience.  We believe in defying trends to ensure your brows are your very own. Our work has been praised in The Age and other publications. 

Mole, Pigment, Skin Tag & Lesion Removal

Safe & effective removal of moles, skin tags, hermangiomas, pigmented lesions, age spots & freckles. It's easy to get rid of the bits you don't want to be there!



A holistic, mindful approach to therapy, incorporating evidence-based techniques that bring you to your most stable self.

Body & Soul

Bringing balance to the body, energy centres & emotions, sessions restore calm, facilitate  release, for peace body mind & soul.

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"You are probably my favourite person in Melbourne right now because my skin looks amazing!"

— Andrea Zarate


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