Where Science Meets Soul

 Skin Therapies, Eyebrows, Counselling, Massage & Healing

Where Science Meets Soul

 Skin Therapies, Eyebrows, Counselling, Massage & Healing

Meet Allison Browning

Health Specialist

Allison has over two decades of experience working in health and wellbeing. She is a qualified skin therapist, mental health social worker/counsellor, meditation teacher and body therapist. She has lectured widely in the wellbeing field and has written a wellbeing column for one of Australia's largest health and beauty websites.


Treatments and consultations combine eastern methodology with evidence-based science, using Chinese medicine principals alongside Western scientific principals, to address your physical body as well as the emotional content behind skin or body imbalance. 


With a holistic approach to treatments, Allison works with clients to provide guidance on both physiological concerns and underlying emotional factors contributing to imbalance.

Allison's work in the mental health field has involved working within a number of non-profit organisations to support individuals experiencing complex mental health issues, substance abuse issues and trauma. She brings this experience to her work at ABT.


Her skin and brow work has been featured in The Age newspaper, numerous blogs and captured in Harper's Bazaar. 

Allison holds a Master of Social Work qualification alongside CIDESCO and CIBTAC qualifications in skin and body therapies. She holds membership within the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, the Australian Association of Social workers, the Mental Health Professionals Network and the the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science.


The practice is inclusive of all cultures, communities, genders and identities. The treatment space operates with strong ethical values and all treatments and products have been created without harm and are vegan. 



Skin treatments

Bringing a science meets soul approach, treatments are bespoke & customised to your needs. 


Sessions provide you with a safe & collaborative space that fosters trust to work through difficult issues with support.

Mole, skin tag & lesion removal

Safe & effective removal of moles, skin tags, hermangiomas, pigmented lesions, age spots & freckles. 


Explore our library of online meditation resources for your self work, self care and alignment.

Brows & lashes

We use customised techniques and a finely tuned eye to correct and highlight eyebrows.  Our work has been noted in The Age and other publications. 

Body & soul

Bringing balance to the body, energy centres & emotions, sessions restore calm, facilitate  release, for peace body mind & soul.


"You are probably my favourite person in Melbourne right now because my skin looks amazing!"

— Andrea Zarate


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