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Bookings Policy

Bookings are reserved especially for you. We understand plans change but It's essential you allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for all booking changes.  Changes made less than 48 hours prior will be charged at 100% of the treatment rate to cover the time you reserved. Non-arrivals will also incur this charge.

If our policy doesn't suit you?

Our bookings policy adheres to Australian Consumer Law but it's no problem if the policy does not suit you please let us know immediately and we can cancel your appointment. 

I can't make my booking or I need to change it?
If for any reason you need to change all or part of your booking we need a minimum of 48 hours notice to avoid paying for your booking. The more notice you can provide the more we appreciate it.

Why must I give notice?
Your notice allows us the time to offer the booking to someone else. It's only fair we allow someone else enough notice so they have time to make arrangements to attend your booked time instead. It's only respectful for each of us to give notice when things change — we'll always give you plenty of notice if we should need to change your booking - promise!

Why do you charge fees?
We all know how valuable time is, both yours and ours. We're happy to take booking reservations for you but if you can't honour the time you asked us to keep for you, we do need to charge for it. 

What if something comes up that is beyond my control?

We do still ask for payment to cover the time you reserved. It can be disheartening when unexpected circumstances, sickness or emergencies prevent you from giving us 48 hours notice but we need you to appreciate that, like you, we still need to make ends meet. If something unexpected happens we are happy for you to offer your appointment to a friend so they can attend in your place.   


What happens if I forget to show up?

We will need to charge for the time you reserved. We always send you a booking confirmation like this one when you book. It’s a good idea to set a reminder in your phone if you lead a busy life and need a nudge to let you know what you’ve planned.

What do I pay when I don't give notice?
Without the 48 hours minimum notice we do require the full cost of your reserved booking. 


How do I pay?

Your booking cost will be automatically charged to the credit card that you provided us for your reservation. If you booked with a gift certificate the voucher will be used to cover your session cost. If your treatment is a pre-paid session your pre-payment will already have covered the session your booked.

Can you make an exception for me?
We offer and apply the same quality service and the booking policy to all clients, equally, so it's not possible to make exceptions.

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