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Balance, equilibrium & release.

We work intuitively with you and your body to bring about  balance. We combine a skill set in the fields of body massage, energy work healing and mental health in our body work treatments.

We acknowledge that life gets busy, yet the body is intelligent. Acting as our smoke alarm, it is swift to let us know when we are out of balance, allowing us the opportunity to deal with a potential fire before it blazes. We work with you to do just that: to create calm, facilitate release of anything that is not needed and to create peace — mind, body and spirit.

Science. Soul. Balance. Release.

Body Immersion Session

A sensory body immersion treatment combining a combinaiton of body massage, energy work, Infra red light therapy to restore muscles and nerves, Chinese medicine cupping and a soothing back mask treatment. You'll leave feeling revived, rested and balanced. 


55mins $170

80 mins $255

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