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Balance, equilibrium & release.

We work intuitively with you and your body to bring about  balance. We combine a skill set in the fields of body massage, energy work healing and mental health in our body work treatments.

We acknowledge that life gets busy, yet the body is intelligent. Acting as our smoke alarm, it is swift to let us know when we are out of balance, allowing us the opportunity to deal with a potential fire before it blazes. We work with you to do just that: to create calm, facilitate release of anything that is not needed and to create peace — mind, body and spirit.

Science. Soul. Balance. Release.

Body massage

We'll apply deeper or lighter pressure depending on how you and your body feel on the day to release pockets of stress and tension. Your massage will loosen muscles, de-stress the mind and relax the body, allowing toxin and muscle tension release. You'll leave feeling revived, rested and balanced. Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping for immunity and balance can be included into your session.


55mins $130

85mins $190

Massage & healing energy work 

Combining massage therapy with pressure and depth to your needs with balancing healing energy work, these sessions are restorative on a deeper level where the energetic body is adjusted and brought into alignment.


Combined massage and healing sessions involve time on the therapy bed as well as any time you need spent discussing factors that are causing unbalance in life. 

In the session you'll have the time to talk, be still and also to listen to your body.

80mins $229

Counselling, massage & healing energy work

We work intuitively with you and your body within these integrative sessions. In your appointment we take time with you to balance the body and the emotions. Your session is a combination of talk time and restful treatment time. We work a little differently to most and aim to release pain by understanding the origin of it — emotional and physical.

In the session we use healing energy work and massage to balance the physical body, major energy centres and the emotional body. You'll feel nurtured and grounded.

Our aim is to work with you to bring about equilibrium to the body and mind so you feel centred and equipped to maintain that balance. 


80 mins $239 

80mins with Mental Health Plan $279 (a Medicare rebate is available)

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