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A safe, mindful space to explore & grow

I hold the belief that each of us is the expert around our own experiences. My role as a therapist is to guide and support you around your experiences and your own knowing. In sessions I work with you on elements of your life that feel important to you, using a mindful, therapeutic approach and evidence based strategies to support you.

I work with adults and young adults who have experienced trauma, anxiety, complex mental health issues, grief, loss and everyday challenges. I am highly experienced in the area of complex trauma and have a deep understanding of the ways this impacts everyday life and connections. I offer a safe and accepting space for members of the LGBTIQ+ community, providing support and understanding around issues such as coming out, gender identity, dysphoria and exploring sexual orientation.


I use evidence-based therapeutic approaches to work in a person-centred, holistic, way. I will also support you to utilise strategies at home to support anxiety and stress management. My therapeutic style will help you to re-frame old beliefs, explore challenging issues and make positive shifts at your own pace.


My work draws from Person Centred Therapy, Attachment Theory, Trauma-informed Therapy, Schema Therapy, Poly Vagal Theory and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I also work with the nervous system, helping you to regulate it, to support you physically and emotionally. My work is implicitly trauma informed and as a qualified body worker I hold awareness of the ways we embody our emotions. Our work together will support you in finding ease physically and emotionally, helping you to gain meaning in your experiences.

I see therapy as a collaboration. It's important for you to feel confident and comfortable in the working relationship. I welcome questions so you can get a sense of who I am and how we might work together, so please please be in touch to chat about your concerns and goals. This blog post explains what to expect from your first counselling session.

Online & Telephone counselling:

If you are not able to attend a face to face session because of social anxiety, location or  health issues or social anxiety online counselling sessions are available

Session Costing and Medicare Rebates:


Under a Mental Health Plan, you will be eligible for Medicare rebates. You can ask your GP for a Mental Health Plan and let them know you’d like to attend sessions at Stable Self.


Your GP will give you a referral letter. You’ll then be eligible for Medicare rebates for each session cost.


On the day of your session you’ll pay the full session fee of $200 and then you can immediately claim back your Medicare rebate on the Medicare app.  A 10% surcharge apples for weekend bookings and bookings after 5pm.

If you have private health insurance your session cost may be rebated by your insurer. You can check this with your insurer.

Standard Sessions:

Your session will be a duration of 45 mins ($200). We then allow a final 5 mins for rebooking. Under a Mental Health Plan, you will be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Longer Sessions:

If you feel more comfortable having more time to explore and work together 75min sessions are available ($299). . Under a Mental Health Plan, you will be eligible for a standard Medicare rebate.

"Often we diminish our challenges and we compare them to those of others. I believe challenges in all shapes and forms are valid and worthy of support. My goal is to provide a safe and connected space to explore what's happening for you."


If you would like to ask questions to see if Allison is a good fit for you please be in touch.

Our Mindfulness Library contains resources and tools to support you between your counselling sessions. You can access meditations, supportive blog posts and music.

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Professional Memberships:

Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria

Association for Contextual Behavioural Science

Australian Association of Social Workers

Mental Health Professionals Network

Blue Knot Foundation


Sexuality & gender


Transgender issues


Trauma experiences


Mood & anxiety


Life changes


Grief & loss


Suicide & self harm





Relationships & intimacy


Stress & sleep issues

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