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LED Light Therapy: A boost for your skin & mental health

Updated: Mar 27

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate natural cellular processes in the skin and body. LED diminishes and prevents acne and breakouts, stimulates collagen and elastin growth, reduces skin inflammation and redness, mimimises pigmentation and instantly plumps the skin from within.

What does an LED treatment involve?

We treat the skin using up to four different light wavelengths, depending on your skin concerns. For healing, plumping and firming the skin, we use 830nm to directly impact the skin cells, stimulating collagen and elastin growth.

For acne, pustules and extractions we use 415nm to oxygenate the skin follicle and reduce the presence of P.acnes, the bacterium linked to the formation of blemishes.

To treat pigmentation we use 515nm to target the layers of the skin where pigmentation change is present. The LED Light device that we use at the clinic also has the ability to support serotonin production with infrared light, meaning not only is your skin treated but your mental health is boosted too.

How does it feel?

It feels a lot like bathing in the sun without the damaging UV rays! You’ll feel gentle warmth and brightness on the skin. If your eyes tend to feel light sensitive you’ll wear small goggles for your treatment.

Is there downtime or anything I need to do to prepare?

Absolutely nothing at all! And no downtime. Your skin will look glowy after your session.

Is it the same as a LED mask for home use?

No it’s not. Clinical LED treatments are much stronger, allowing your skin to absorb an intense dose of light. At home LED masks are great to boost your results between sessions. We stock the DP Dermaceuticals LED Mask for home use.

Key benefits of LED light therapy for your skin:

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Red light therapy stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that is essential for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Increased collagen production can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking smoother and more youthful.

Improves Skin Tone and Texture: LED light therapy can help improve the texture and tone of the skin by increasing blood flow and promoting cell turnover. This can result in a brighter, more even complexion.

Reduces Acne: Blue light therapy has been shown to effectively reduce acne by targeting the bacteria that causes breakouts. It also helps to reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne.

Minimizes Scarring: LED light therapy can help reduce the appearance of scars by promoting cell regeneration and collagen production. This can be particularly helpful for reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Soothes Inflammation: Infrared light therapy can help reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. This can be particularly helpful for those with sensitive skin or conditions like rosacea, psoriasis or peri oral dermatitis.

Benefits of LED light therapy for mental health:

LED Light Therapy Boosts Serotonin Production: Exposure to specific wavelengths of light, particularly blue light and infrared light, can help stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in regulating mood, and low levels of serotonin have been linked to conditions like depression and anxiety. It can also help increase energy levels and improve mental alertness. This can be particularly helpful for those who work night shifts or have irregular sleep schedules.

Improves Sleep: Exposure to blue LED light during the day can help regulate the body's natural circadian rhythm, which can improve sleep quality and help reduce symptoms of insomnia.

Reduces Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): SAD is a type of depression that is triggered by the shorter days and reduced sunlight exposure during the winter months. Exposure to bright light, particularly blue light and infrared, has been shown to effectively reduce symptoms of SAD.

In a nutshell…

LED light therapy has a wide range of benefits for both the skin and mental health. Different wavelengths of light can be used to target specific skin concerns, while exposure to specific wavelengths of light can help boost serotonin production and improve mental health.

All our facial treatments at the clinic can be combined with LED Light therapy. We also offer a dedicated LED treatment facial incorporating treatment with multiple wavelengths and LED lights.

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