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50ml/aprox 277 doses


Vitamin D supports skin dryness and eczema. It supports skin cell growth and repair, supporting the skin to fight off free radicals which lead to aging.  Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D are corelated to anxiety symptoms.


Other Key benefits:


  • Studies have shown Vitamin D to support depression and mood regulation

  • Vitamin D supports the health and function of the immune system, the nervous system and supports neuromuscular function

  • Vitamin D plays a role in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals

  • Supports a healthy pregnancy, and the health of the growing baby during pregnancy

  • Individuals who limit their exposure to sunlight may have an increased need for vitamin D supplementation

  • Vitamin D supports the development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones and teeth

  • Supports and maintains bone mineral density, helps to reduce the risk of fracture, and helps calcium absorption

Phyta D: Vitamin D

  • Vegan

    Preservative free

    High quality glass packaging with pump spray

    Palm oil free

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