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For all skin types and skin conditions especially aged, pigmented, dehydrated, problematic, rosacea, and sensitive post-operative skins. 20ML


A breathable camouflage foundation using cutting edge technology to provide superior cooling, moisturising, and healing properties. This SPF Tinted Coverage aids in recovery post-procedure whilst cooling and stimulating the skin for every day anti-aging makeup.


Cover: Weightless yet buildable, seamlessly blends for undetectable breathable coverage to transform to a flawless smooth appearance.


Recover: A blend of healing ingredients to support skin recovery for sensitised and rosacea prone skins and for skin that is recovering post-treatment (such as laser, skin needling or cryotherapy). Cover Recover ensures the skin is nurtured and supported while it protect the skin against UV damage. It works hard for your skin while also being an everyday foundation.


Colour options:



Ideal for light skin tibes. Cream Cover Recover has a neutral undertone to suit most lighter skin tones, offering beautiful coverage and the option to mix with the Beige shade to deepen your tone in the summer season.



Perfect for light/medium skin tones. Beige Cover Recover covers imperfections with a long-wearing finish and immediately diminishes the appearance of fine lines. It can be mixed wtih Tawny if you need to deepen your shade seasonally or to lighten it with the Cream shade.



Perfect for medium skin tones,  the Tawny Cover Recover provides buildable coverage, creating depth with extra layers. It can be mixed wtih Beige if you need to lighten your shade seasonally. 

Cover Recover Foundation SPF 30+

  • Vegan

    For sensitive skin

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