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Proven to help reduce inflammation in the skin, to reduce UV-induced damage, as well as inhibit wrinkle formation through collagen synthesis. Scientific Research has also shown that DHA Omega-3 supports skin inflammation, mental clarity and brain health, as well as improving fertility. It may also help prevent or improve chronic conditions, such as heart disease, depression & inflammatory conditions.


Clean Omega-3 provides the purest form of DHA Algae oil with added a lemon peel essential oil extract to give a lovely mild lemon taste in to added natural vitamin-E tocopherol which acts as an antioxidant to maintain the Omega-3 oil quality after opening. 


Clean Omega-3 is extracted from an approved natural wild-strain algae, grown in an enclosed system, and produced according to the highest industry standards and certifications (FFSC22000/ISO22000).


Phytality Clean DHA Omega-3 Oil (Vegan) 50ml: Collagen SynthethesisBooster

  • Water Extracted Algae Oil (Schizochytrium sp.), Cold pressed Lemon Peel extract, Natural tocopherol anti-oxidant.

    • Vegan Omega-3

    • Recyclable glass packaging

    • High-Potency

    • Natural Lemon Flavour & Odour Free

    • Water Extracted

    • Solvent-Free

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