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"Melbourne's Eyebrow Queen"
The Age newspaper

"When people commented on my new brows I told them that you are like the fairy of eyebrows, that I don't know how you do it, but you just do!" 
Julia Louloudis 

We're definitely known as the place to go in Melbourne for brows. Our most famous treatment is our 'Signature Eye Makeover' — the results are impressive!  
Eyebrows are important and they require care and a finely tuned eye to ensure you get amazing results from your shape. We're fussy. We use our unique customised colour technique to correct eyebrows that are uneven or have been overplucked. 
For those that are having trouble growing in brows and who want extra body we have a brow growth serum that delivers awesome results.
This is our best-known eye treatment. The word 'makeover' can sound a little cliched but it really is a makeover — your eyes look vibrant and transformed. Our Signature Eye Makeover includes a customised brow shape, customised brow colour to maximise and define your new shape as well as an eye lash tint with beautiful quality lash colour. 

If you're prefer not to have your lashes tinted, we also offer brow shaping with a custom brow tint to make the brows look fuller.
Taking your eyebrows a shade lighter is essential if you've taken your hair colour several shades lighter. It's easy for us to lighten your brows and match your shade, making you look like a natural. 

Simone came in with brows that had been over waxed and tweezed for years. She'd tried hard to grow them back with not much luck, they were patchy and sparse in places. We worked on them and I sent Simone home with some brow growth serum. Seven weeks after the first visit Simone's brows had grown in beautifully with the help of the serum. We added some shape and some colour for definition and we were both so chuffed with the result!

Many clients come in wanting me to work with damaged brows that seem almost impossible to grow. Susan's brows were the opposite. Her brows were incredibly thick and difficult to manage. Once naturally a rich black, they were greying and the hair was coarse. We chatted about what she was hoping to achieve and we came up with this result with both of us pleased as punch!

Kate has been a client of many years and has always had blonde eyebrows that are sparse at the ends. She was resigned to penciling them in. We worked with our shaping technique and a customised colour mix to create a full and well arched eyebrow and darkened her lashes. She was thrilled the first time with her Signature Eye Makeover and we've maintained her eyebrows and lashes for years since. 

Ann's brows had been overplucked for years. She was resigned to pencilling them in. We wish we took the before photo earlier in our process; however, in the before photo Ann had already had a few treatments (so you're not seeing them as sparse as they were when she first came in). Ann's after shot shows how we used a customised tint and shaped them to produce an elegant arch.                                     

Once upon a time her eyebrows were barely there. We wish we took the before photo six months ago! Here you can see how they've grown in but are still quite unruly. You can see the results of Joanne's Signature Eye Makeover - what a difference!

Signature Eye Makeover (lash tint, brow colour & shape) $86 
Brow Lightening with colour tone & shaping $86
Customised Brow shape with Colour $75
Customised Brow Shape $62 

Add ons:
Lip or chin wax:$17
Full lower face wax: $45

Actor Nikki Shiels in The Dollhouse

 Actor Amelia Ryan in Storm in a D-cup

Beauty editor Tine Wang

"My eyebrows are THE BEST and I have had may complements and I will be sure to spread the word on how amazing and talented you are."
Monica Jones (The Young and the Restless actor)
"You are a magician!"
Alex Trait
"Allison I just got stopped in the city and asked who does my eyebrows! People actually compliment my eyebrows all the time. Thought you should know!"
Jenn Leung
"When people commented on my new brows I told them that you are like the fairy of eyebrows, that I don't know how you do it, but you just do!" 
Julia Louloudis