This super trio contains the Pure Age Defiance Serum, Youth Activating Oil Balm and a Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask.


Pure Age Defiance Serum contains super concentrated doses of pure L-Sodium Hyaluronate Acetyl Octapeptide-3 and a 100% natural skin-tightener make this topical skin filler a potent youth accelerator. Fortified with encapsulated multi vitamins and V8 Peptide Complex® this serum helps to relax the muscle and decrease appearance of lines and wrinkles leaving the skin hydrated and radiant. Hero product! Perfect for all skin types looking for super hydration calming and soothing youth and radiance.


Youth Activating Oil Balm is a luxurious treatment serum rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Enriched with L-22 Inci and Lakesis giving new breath to all skins. Our customers describe it as 'heavenly'! Perfect for all skins, in particular those looking for comfort in and nourishment.


Hyla Active 3D Sculpture Mask is an innovative cloth mask that delivers potent hydration, and healing repair with age preventative ingredients for a stronger and more resilient feeling skin. It nourishes and repairs, leaving the skin feeling revitalised smooth and awakened, softening the appearance of fine lines wrinkles. It firms for a rejuvenated effect for all skin types especially aged pigmented sensitised dehydrated and problematic.

Age Defiance Power Trio

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