Dermapen Micro-needling

Skin needling

Our Dermapen micro needling treatments kick start a repair process in the skin's dermal and surface layers. Dermapen creates fractional micro-channels in the skin that activate the skin's own renewal and repair response. With no injections or time off work, Dermapen treatments are safe on all skin colours to treat a wide range of skin conditions.
Treatments work on a number of skin conditions and concerns. Treatments can be customised to treat: stretch marks; skin lines and ageing; uneven skin tone, melasma and pigmentation; scarring; breakouts, acne and milia; enlarged pores and vitiligo.

The skin response after a Dermapen treatments continues for up to two years.

Our biggest difference is that, due to our technology being the most up to date, there is no pain, no down time and no need for skin numbing. We photograph your skin to ensure we have a baseline image for you to compare your results to. We also guide you through how you will be taking care of your skin at home so you maximise your Dermapen results.

Full face $249 per treatment when three treatments are prepaid

Full face $300 per single treatment

Face, neck and decolletage $300 per treatment when three treatments are prepaid

Face, neck and decolletage $350 per single treatment

Add on:
+ $40 to include a mesotherapy infusion to treatment, for melasma, ageing, scarring and pigmentation.

+ $150 to include an additional body area 

+$50 to include a peel treatment for scars, acne, stretch marks, melasma and pigmentation

Dermapen on post inflammatory scarring from acne

Dermapen on pigmentation
Dermapen on fine lines: 3 treatments

Dermapen on skin texture, tone and lines: 3 treatments  

 Dermapen on stretch marks

"I want to thank you so much for you're incredible needling treatment. My skin has been glowing since and I am so happy I met and found you." Monica Jones (The Young and the Restless actor)

"My scars are so much better and my skin looks radiant for the first time. You are wonderful!" Gemma Kinnear

"My skin is smooth and the stretch marks have really improved! Thank you, thank you!" Beverly Voss