Massage & Healing

We work intuitively with you and your body within our combined massage with energy work sessions. In your appointment we take time with you to balance the body and emotions. Your session is a combination of consultation and treatment time. We work a little differently to most and aim to release pain by understanding the origin of it — emotional and physical.

In the session we use a healing energy work and massage to balance the physical body, major energy centres and the emotional body. Working with spirit to provide guidance, you'll receive information that will assist in direction and emotional balance.

Our aim is to work with you to bring about equilibrium to the body and mind and to maintain that balance. Life gets busy and the body is a smart — it lets us know very quickly when we are out of balance. It's our smoke alarm: we have the opportunity to deal with a potential fire before it blazes. We work with you to do just that: to create calm, facilitate release of anything that is not needed and to create peace within the mind, body and spirit.

90 min Integrated spirit centred counselling, massage and healing $170

Healing sessions are restorative on a deeper level where the energetic body is adjusted, brought into alignment and balanced. Healing sessions involve time on the therapy bed as well at time spent discussing factors that are causing any unbalance in life. Working with spirit to provide guidance and counsel. You'll receive information that will assist in direction, clarity and emotional balance.

In the session you'll have the time to talk, be still and also to listen to your body.

90 min Combined massage and healing $170
60 min Healing session $100

While we recommend the sessions above, we do offer straightforward massage bookings also. Our massages combine a blend of essential oils and massage to ensure a complete muscular treatment. The experience is deeply relaxing and regenerative.

Depending on how you feel on the day we'll apply appropriate techniques, deeper or light, to release pockets of stress and tension. Your massage will loosen muscles, de-stress the mind and relax the body, allowing toxin and muscle tension release (you'll also feel a bit blissed out too). We're not offended by snoring, it's a compliment we receive often.

We do encourage 90 min combined massage and energy work sessions for maximum relaxation and muscular benefit (we do however offer 30 and 60 min massage sessions). In the longer session you'll have quality time to discuss your health and well being concerns and any current stresses as well as having a solid stretch of regenerative time on the table to fully unwind and find your centre.

These sessions are either 30, 60 or 90 mins.

30 min Massage $70
60 min Massage $107
90 min Massage $155

60 min Healing session $100
90 min Combined massage and healing $170
90 min Integrated counselling, massage and healing $170
 "I was originally referred to Allison for eyebrows and found her to be amazing! I then decided to sample her intuitive energy work and massage to see what it was like... I was astounded at Allison's ability to sense what is really going on in my life! I would describe the experience as a combination of a psychic reading, relaxation massage and meditation all in one! I highly recommend." Kylie Jane

 "By far, it was hands down the best body massage I have experienced in Australia. Definitely wish it lasted forever. Having done years of energy work training, Allison bring this into her massages and treats each body and the stress it holds in an individual way."
Valerie Chan, Editor Ponikuta

"Oh My God! I'm saying that in a good way — your massages are incredible!" Hilary Venn

"I'm not sure what you did to my back but it was amazing!" Michelle Collett