Skin Treatments

"You are probably my favorite person in Melbourne right now because my skin looks amazing!"
Andrea Zarate

Our Philosophy
It's simple: Science + Soul = Results. 

The ABT practice recognises your individuality. No two skins or bodies are the same. Our skin treatments are bespoke, customised to your unique needs. They combine deep relaxation with paramedical techniques to ensure impressive results. In your session, we make time for you to discuss your needs and skin concerns.

We combine Traditional Chinese Medicine and paramedical scientific principals and work with you to create skin change and progress. Treatments act deeply on major or minor skin concerns, providing visible results.

Treatments are available for all skin conditions: acne, pigmentation, ageing, redness, congestion, scarring, stretch marks, dryness and rosacea. 

We can guide you in choosing the right facial treatment for your skin, just ask!

Our Products

Our products are holistic and paramedical, using potent vitamin therapy and deep-acting cosmeceutical ingredients. All of our products are artificial fragrance-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan. We believe our heath and beauty should provide results without  harming our health or animals. 

Facial Treatments

Soulful Skin
A treatment tailored for your skin. Your session will include a microdermabrasion skin treatment for skin rejuvenation, deep cleansing & hydration. Your treatment will also include any acne, blackhead or milia extractions needed along with a stunning face and head massage. ~You can read more about microdermabrasion here.
Science & Soul
A comprehensive customised skin treatment that works toward your skin's specific needs. Your treatment includes microdermabrasion as well as a sonophoresis sound wave infusion of active ingredients to treat your concerns. The Science and Sould treatment is deep-acting with instant and visible results. You'll notice a huge difference in your skin texture, blackheads will be sucked away and your skin will feel smooth and will look radiant. Your skin treatment will include any acne, blackhead or milia extractions needed.  ~You can read more about microdermabrasion & sonophoresis here.
Science & Soul + Peel  
An multi-dimensional intensive customised treatment of epidermal and dermal exfoliation as well as active infusion. The treatment specifically targets concerns such as pigmentation, fine lines, skin dryness and acne using microdermabrasion, sonophoresis and a skin peel treatment. This is an intensive treatment for those who want deep-acting and impressive results. Your skin treatment will include any acne, blackhead or milia extractions needed. ~You can read more about microdermabrasion here. And more about peels here.

Corrective Facial Treatments
Collagen Induction Therapy Treatment
Our most intensive treatment for concerns such as scarring, redness, fine lines, ageing, stretch marks & pigmentation. Dermapen Collagen Induction Therapy offers the results of laser without the surface removal of your skin. We use the most advanced technology for comfort and results. ~You can read more about Dermapen Treatments here.

$249 per treatment for 3 pre-paid sessions.
$300 per treatment for single sessions.
$150 to add an extra area of the body to your treatment (=2 needling locations in one session). 
Add $50 for a peel treatment with your Dermapen (on scars and stretch marks).

Lactic, glycolic and mandelic peels treat a huge range of skin concerns. We will select the most ideal option for your skin. Peels are highly effective at refreshing the skin in a short treatment. They treat acne, pigmentation, dehydration & ageing. 
From $110 - $145

Brightening Enzyme Treatment
A potent treatment to work on pigmentation and skin dullness using active ingredients of Artocarpus, Gigawhite, Niacinnamine and Pterostillbene plus AHAs. The treatment will visibly diminish early and advanced pigmentation while working on skin texture as it eliminates surface dead skin cells.

The Back & Body
Back Treatments 
Back treatments thoroughly clear away spots and work to treat back acne & congestion. We work the skin with microdermabrasion and a peel treatment to leave your back clean and cleared. You will leave with smoother skin and some tips and tricks to ensure you can prevent further flare ups with home care. Your skin treatment will include any acne, blackhead or milia extractions needed

Back Peels
Deep acting and skin refining. Ideal to clear out pores and to exfoliate bumpy back skin. 
$85 when booked with any other skin treatment

KP Arm Treatments
Banish that 'chicken skin' on your upper arms with our Keratosis Pilaris peel treatment. You'll leave with fresher, smoother skin & a home care treatment plan to bust those bumps.  
$110 (or $75 when added to any other skin treatment)
$205 for an intensive KP treatment along with microderm and deep acting peel.

Skin Consultations

Skin Consultations 
If you'd prefer to simply talk, a consultation will allow you the time to chat through your skin concerns and to have a home care program collated specifically for your skin.


"I feel like I've just had a facelift" 

Losa Martin

"You are probably my favorite person in Melbourne right now because my skin looks amazing!"
Andrea Zarate

"Your advice has given me the clearest, healthiest looking skin I've had in years!"

Mel  K

"Just wanted to say thank you, your facial was by far one (of only 2) that have been exceptional, you definitely have a talent that I am sure will gather more appreciative clients. The products you have recommended (are ones that actually deliver what they promise and belief me I have tried many!) are doing an excellent job in relieving the irritated areas on my face." 

Mimma Cicero 

"I have to say my skin is looking pretty bloody good this morning after all that hardcore action on Saturday! You can definitely put me down as a convert to your new 'Dr Who' machine and the needly roller thing!"

Andrea Wickham