Having done years of energy work training, Allison bring this into her massages and treats each body and the stress it holds in an individual way. By far, it was hands down the best body massage I have experienced in Australia. Definitely wish it lasted forever. Valerie Chan, Editor Ponikuta

My skin is positively glowing. You are a skincare genius!
Jocelyn Adams

Just thought I'd email you an update, although there's not much to say except that you are probably my favorite person in Melbourne right now because my skin looks amazing!
Andrea Zarate

I always love your signature dreamy facial massage, as well as the love and care you put into every treatment I have had. I will always treasure how personalised and meticulous your work is; I don't know if I will ever meet a therapist like you once I leave the country. You have certainly played a key role in bringing both my skin and soul are to good places and I could not thank you enough. Cherise

Your advice has given me the clearest, healthiest looking skin I've had in years! Mel K

I decided (after much contemplation!) that you should know I caught myself drifting off to slumberland when you left the room and allowed the mask to sit on my face after that amazing massage. There was something about today's experience that outdid all the others and I thought you deserved to know. Thank you so much for your work with my skin, and for the little life chats we have had. I'm really glad I stumbled upon your practice when I did. I promise to take your advice and think with my heart, and hope that reality finds its way. Lisa

When people commented on my new brows I told them that you are like the fairy of eyebrows, that I don't know how you do it, but you just do. Julia Louloudis

I enjoyed my treatment on so many levels and wanted to write and let you know. I really loved the facial. That massage was blissful, it got rid of a lot of tension I was carrying around! I was especially glad you reminded me to breathe deeply, too. Also, I wanted to tell you that I had a try of the products I got from you today and they feel great! The gel absorbs right into the skin coupled with my moisturiser, and I love the cleanser and serum. Sher Reen Lim

I've been meaning to email for quite some time to thank you. Your skincare advice has been great and my skin looks way better than it did when I first emailed you. In fact, for the first time in 20 years I think it may be possible to do without foundation some days! Maura

If you're into blackhead and whitehead extractions, this is the place to go. I wish I knew about this place sooner! Michelle Chin

First I ‘d like to say thank you, my skin has improved ‘out of sight’, my friends and family comment all the time on how good it looks, since I started the skincare program you advised. Stephanie Shaw

I had several facials and none left me satisfied until I discovered Allison Browning Therapies, seven months after my journey of battling acne. Michelle Chin, blogger.

Just want to give you a big thanks. The skin program you set up for me is working BEAUTIFULLY. My skin has never looked better. It's been about a month now, and I think its safe to say its been the best change I've made yet. Jaime

I have had ongoing skin problems for years and have tried almost everything, including medication, with minimal success. Finally you have my skin looking healthy and clear! The peels are amazing and I LOVE Microdermabrasion - it's the best! Melissa Bye

Just thought I would email and say thank you very much for your excellent advice and products. I have been using them for 3 weeks and the results have been excellent so far in that the red marks have almost gone and my skin looks a lot smoother. I would definitely recommend these products to others with the same problem. Alison Ross