Allison Browning

Allison has over twenty years of experience working with the skin, body and emotions. She has lectured students in Australia on the west and east coast and has worked internationally. Allison has been the writer of a skin and wellbeing column and has worked in the field of counselling.

Her background has spanned study in the fields of paramedical skin and aesthetic therapies, mindfulness meditation, counselling, social work, physical-emotional body energetics and holistic therapies, working with the modalities colour puncture, Bach therapy and Chinese medicine face mapping.

Treatments combine eastern methodology and paramedical scientific principals to address the physical body as well as the emotional content behind skin or body unbalance. 

An intuitive approach is essential to Allison's therapeutic practice. She works with clients to provide information and spiritual guidance on physical and emotional elements within healing and counselling treatments.

Allison's work has been noted by The Age newspaper and Vogue and she has clients traveling Australia wide for her skin, eyebrow and body treatments.

Allison is a qualified 
dermal clinician, social worker, counsellor and massage therapist. She is a member of the Mental Health Professionals Network (MHN) and the Australian Association of Social Workers (ASA).

About the Practice

The therapy space is a tranquil place of retreat and offers therapies to create physical and emotional balance. Skin and body treatments and counselling and healing sessions are customised, so the skin, body, emotions and soul are treated according to your specific needs.

The practice is LBGTIQ friendly and inclusive. The treatment space operates with ethical values and all products have been created without harm and are vegan.